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To join the MSHS Class Website, click on your name below and follow the instructions.  Because the website is private, your access first needs to be approved by a site administrator.  Once approved, you can set up your profile and access all of the website features including photos, announcements, the message board and profiles of your fellow classmates.

William Anderson
Patricia Arbogast
Sandra Babcock (Barnett)
James Balfour II
David Beauchaine
Dan Benson
Robert Berg
Sonia Black (Johnson)
Robert Blackford
Pat Burns (Johnston)
Judith Cain (Spagnolo)
Jan Clark (Greenleaf)
Nola Clish (McConaha)
Richard Crabb
Linda Davis
James Devonshire
Stephen Douglas
Joan Dupras
Jerry Duquette
Leslie Fraser
Loretta Greet (D'Eon)
Penelope Gustafson (Hassell)
Donna Haglund (Varga)
Donald Hanford
Bruce Hayry
Lily Heliin (Halley)
Mary Iery (Miller)
Douglas Johnson
Wayne Johnson
Corally Kell (O'Dell)
Linda Kendricks (Peterson)
Sharon Koski (Singer)
William Kroll
Candace LaBlue (Rautio)
Thomas LaBreche
Susan Lemire (Hayden)
Clinton Libby
Donna Libby (Webber)
Philip Lillie
Kenneth Mattson
Anne Matula (Bolling)
Carol O'Neill
Mason Pearce
George Perry
Barbara Phelan (Ziegler)
Beverly Phelan (Lund)
James Provost
Bruce Ragusett
William Richer
Eugene Roeder
Peter Rosten
Rose Rouman (Karageorge)
Floyd Sommers
Kathleen Sommers (Lehtomaki)
Barbara Specker (Lawry)
Barbara Spitz (Robare)
Gloria St. Onge (Dishnow)
Patty Stephens (Westerfield)
John Thompson
Sandra Weiger (Meana)
Allan Wiggers