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07/16/19 09:18 PM #1921    


Donald Saunders

I talked to Howy Fissette through email, he said he is going to see his Dr. Tomorrow to go over Cat Scan. He said he is fighting and hopes for the best. 

07/18/19 08:29 PM #1922    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)


Richard Johnson....I sure enjoyed those Mqt pics...tx for posting!

I have been in touch via FB with Howie Fissette. He is sorry he could not make the picnic. He has been very ill.

He said "I love you guys". I am going to try to visit him soon...hopefully this coming week. I believe in medical confidentiality, so after a visit I will keep the class posted with whatever info he gives me permission to share.

He does need prayers.

07/18/19 11:20 PM #1923    


Harold (Joe) Libby

 Hi all, really enjoyed our picnic gathering. Especially thought combining with Bishop Baraga was very nice. I do like adding some activities, such as our pontoon outing at Don’s camp on the basin provided great time to visit and get better acquainted with folks we don’t see very often. I do realize this adds extra effort in planning those gatherings. Maybe as folks become aware this coming year of extra events occurring around the time of our next reunion we could list them and start a conversation about a few of us that might want to participate. Even ideas a simple as a beach bonfire on M-28.. Weather permitting of coarse, the orchestra concert on the island was great. Just things that allow folks to get reacquainted, maybe sing a few tunes, shake our booties to some oldies via blue tooth downloaded tunes, stuff easy, and voluntary if some people come to town and might enjoy those ideas. Just a thought. Add my name to those thinking about and sending petitions to our Heavenly Father on behalf of Howard. 


07/20/19 08:16 AM #1924    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

Great idea, Joe! The concert was enjoyable as was the company!  

08/09/19 02:25 AM #1925    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)

Update on Howie Fissette: For those of you who are not aware...our class mate Howard Fissette is dying of bile duct cancer & possibly has only days to live. His family is giving him a Luau party tomorrow night at Trillium Home, a hospice care facility where he has been living. The party will be from 5 to 7 p.m. tomorrow (August 9).

There will be snacks/ wants it to be festive & lighthearted, so wear colorful, flowery,Hawaiian type clothing...white pants, shorts, sandals, etc. This time we get to celebrate a life while he is still with us!

I hope to see some of you there. 

08/10/19 11:31 PM #1926    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)

First of all, I must apologize to the 2 people that private messaged me. I told both of them that I would be posting something soon with regard to Howie Fissette. Well soon turned out to be many many hours later due to high winds in my area. We lose everything with high winds, rain, snow due to our remote my sincere apologies.

Last night I attended Howie's Hawaiian Luau party with my husband Paul. There were quite a few people there. We were greeted by one of Howie's daughters all decked out in a little grass skirt & colorful Hawaiian leis.There were various pizzas, candy, sodas, balloons, & an assortment of leis for anyone who chose to wear one. Howard was in a wheelchair all bundled up with blankets, comfy cozy. When he became chilled we just moved him to a sunny spot. He said the sun felt good on his face. He was so happy to see everybody. This took place outside under the gazebo at Trillium House where Howie has been residing since he took ill. The mood was festive, as the family wanted. People had an opportunity to write down their memories of Howie in a notebook provided by the family. My most fond memories of him are building floats at the bus garage on Wright St., beer parties at Little Presque Isle, & attempts to stop him(among other boys)from looking up girls skirts when we had to slide down the fire chute at Howard(Frobel) school durinv 7th & 8th grades.

I must say everybody there was really enjoying this celebration of Howard's life. I hope this catches on....where people can hug, shake hands, kiss, tell their loved one what they care to tell them....before they pass on. I know that Howie was truly thrilled to see & interact with all present. I can honestly say that everone there seemed to be happy. I did not witness any tears....if there were any, they were short lived. May the Lord bless & keep you, Howie!!

08/11/19 12:01 PM #1927    


Alan Filizetti

Thank you for your post Sandy. You are right about celebrating life while your alive to witness it. Wish I had been there. I have many memories of Howie and me going to Marinette to sell scrap metal. His dad was a character.

08/12/19 09:59 AM #1928    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Sounds like Howie has had a terrific sendoff.  Terrific personality.  Always a smile and a great story.  Alan, I remember Howie fondly too.  And you're right...his Dad was a character!  While I was working at Bimbo's he would occasionally stop by.  With his checkered hat cocked on his head and wry smile he would tell the most outragious stories.  Very entertaining.  God bless Howie on his journey.


08/13/19 12:00 AM #1929    


Laura Savitski (Chapman)

I wished I had known about the special gathering for Howie Fissette this past Friday as I was in Marquette last week for my husband Mike's memorial.  It was nice to hear that he was well enough to enjoy the feastivities.

My memory of Howie:  He was the first "boy" I met upon my return to Marquette in 1956.  My sister and I used to hang out with Howie at the play ground behind the Bishop Baraga school.  It is hard to believe that was more than 60 years ago!

My thoughts are with Howie and his family.



08/13/19 07:38 AM #1930    


Jacklyn Hassel (Roper)

Sandie asked me to post this photo to the website.

08/13/19 01:47 PM #1931    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

Sandy - was that the lei I sent?  Florist didn't have much in the way of orchids on short notice!  

08/18/19 09:54 AM #1932    


Marylyn Erickson (Lee)

Happy Birthday Karen!    Very thoughtful of you to see that Howie had special flowers for his party. Hope your day is a celebration, too. 

08/18/19 02:22 PM #1933    


Patricia Nevala

MARQUETTE, MI – Howard Louis Fissette, age 72, known as “Honolulu Howie”, passed away Tuesday, August 13, 2019, at Trillium Hospice House, in the loving, comforting care of his family and caregivers.

Howie was born November 25, 1946, in Marquette, a son of Howard and Elizabeth (Epper) Fissette, and was raised in Marquette. He graduated from the newly built Marquette Senior High School in 1965, where he participated in track, basketball, and football, playing running back and linebacker positions, during his high school years. Together, Howie and his father were involved in real estate investments and were the first to start a recycling business in Marquette, operating their scrapyard on Grove Street. Howie loved the beach and traveling to Hawaii and earned the nickname “Honolulu Howie”. He also traveled several times to Florida, anywhere he could be near the beach and play in the sun. He loved cars and, throughout the years, had many nice automobiles.

Survivors include his triplet daughters, Amanda, Sara, and Whitney Stanley, Loralee Blondeau Dale, and Martina Frost; his sister, Barbara Ann Bolitho; nieces, Renean (Kurt) Hamalainen and Candace Drobny; nephew, Dylan Drobny; and special friends, Paul Schumacher and Greg Calzetta.

Howie was preceded in death by his parents and a son, Chad Fissette.

Honoring his request, no public services will be held.

Fassbender Swanson Hansen Funeral and Cremation Services is serving the family, where condolences may be expressed online at fassbenderswanson

08/18/19 02:35 PM #1934    


Patricia Nevala

I also noticed Mr. Ryan passed away on August 5th.  I'm sure glad we had a chance to see him at the 50th reunion.  

08/20/19 04:52 PM #1935    


Gerald (Skip) VanBuren Jr

Thank you Pat for letting us know of Howie's Passing God Bless him and his Family


also Mr Ryan ...They both will be missed---Rest in Peace my friends


08/22/19 11:43 AM #1936    


Carol Aho (Slone)

First of all, my deepest condolences to Howie's family & friends.  Looks like you all gave him a wonderful send off.  I, personally, think that was a wonderful idea, but I don't think I could handle that.  Looks like that's what he wanted.  Good for him!  What a courageous man.  Thank you, Jackie, for sharing that photo...and Sandie too!  What a nice picture.  Look forward to seeing all of you next summer.  God Bless you all.  

09/08/19 12:08 AM #1937    

Dawna Hansen (Kurian)

"My name is Alice, and I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment with a new dentist.
I noticed his DDS Diploma on the wall, which bore his full name.
Suddenly, I remembered a tall, handsome, dark-haired boy with the same name had been in my high school class some 30-odd years ago.
Could he be the same guy that I had a secret crush on, way back then?
Upon seeing him, however, I quickly discarded any such thought.
This balding, gray-haired man with the deeply lined face was way too old to have been my classmate.
After he examined my teeth, I asked him if he had attended Morgan Park High School.
'Yes...Yes I did. I'm a Mustang,' he gleamed with pride.
'When did you graduate?' I asked.
He answered, 'In 1975, Why do you ask?'
'You were in my class!', I exclaimed.
He looked at me closely. Then, that ugly, old, bald, wrinkled, fat-assed, gray-haired, decrepit Son-of-a-bitch asked, 'What did you teach???'"

09/08/19 05:06 PM #1938    


Albert (Sam) L'Huilllier

Oh wow Donna ,a good one ,gave me a good chuckle. Reminded of the story of the kids with all the baggy clothes now able to wear their hi school clothes to a 30 year reunion lol . well no joke aside i can.  —-  I can do that But only my socks . 

09/08/19 10:45 PM #1939    


Robert Lambert

Dawna, That is hilarious!!! I was at Big Boy when I read it. Passed it around to some of the "crew". What a hoot.

09/09/19 01:50 PM #1940    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)

Karen: I assume that's the lei you sent since Howie was wearing it. There was a pile of other leis there for people to wear, but they weren't nearly as nice as the one Howie had on. That was a very nice gesture on your part.....thank you!

09/09/19 01:51 PM #1941    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)

Sam: Don't you dare show up at a reunion with only your socks on!!

09/09/19 01:55 PM #1942    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)

Summer 2020 is not that far off. Let's remember to send Pat Nevala some money now & then towards our next reunion so we can have another good party.

10/24/19 09:41 PM #1943    


Carol Aho (Slone)

Hello everyone...I am not on this site very often.  Very seldom, in fact, but I'm hoping someone can help me out.  I have lost contact with an old friend/classmate...William Bleiler.  We communicated alot over the past several years, & due to unforeseen circumstances I have lost contact with him.  Just wondering if he is ok.  He has lived in Jackson, Michigan for many years & has family nearby.  If you are in touch with him, please let him know that I've been trying to reach him.  Thank you.

10/25/19 09:22 AM #1944    


Patricia Nevala

There's a Facebook page for William Bleiler, MSHS Class of 1965.  Did you try messaging him?

10/30/19 09:53 AM #1945    


Marylyn Erickson (Lee)

Pam, nice to have chatted recently.  Hope you enjoy your birthday!    And, Jill, a few days early, but wish you a nice birth day and year to come.    

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