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02/24/19 01:23 PM #1877    


Robert Lambert

  Hey all, we may not have summer this year. The last time I remember having snow like this was when we were kids. Holy crud !!!! I don't think county road 510 is passable any longer. I was up that way a couple days ago and it was one lane for 3/4ths of it.

  41 wasn't even plowed when I was out & about this morning. It didn't get plowed until around 9:30.

  I have another 8" where my house is. Banks are almost 8ft.  Can't raise the bucket any higher. In the upper 20s though. Poor ol' tractor got a workout today and the plows haven't even been on my street yet. Can hardly wait.

02/24/19 02:00 PM #1878    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

I can remember Dad tunneling out to the street when we lived in Ironwood.  Well, we had the Polar Vortex last week that froze our butts off and now we are in a cyclonic bomb that is blowing our shirts off and creating more whiteouts. Jimminie cricket!!  - can't wait to see what next week will bring us. 

02/25/19 08:04 AM #1879    


Marylyn Erickson (Lee)

Thanks for the picture Bonnie.   At least a few Michiganders are getting out these days.  From our vantage point   the news stories and comments from friends make it sound like a winter wonderland.   It’s cold here too, but only have dried grass to look at, no wonderland to shovel, plow or scoop.   We left that tool in the attic .  Will the snow be gone by July?  Will I notice a rise in the lake level?  Stay warm and take care, the potholes are here and moving north! 

02/25/19 12:29 PM #1880    


Robert Lambert

   Just came in from moving snow with my loader. About 3 hours and still not done!  (Wish I was a kid again.....not). Can't believe how tired I am. What a workout. Mostly the loader, but,still......

   Hope this is the last storm for this area. After 72 years I am finally getting fed up with it. Hope all is well with everyone. Stay warm. Hope the snow is gone by July and the lake don't rise. May have a swimming pool at the commons this year. LOL

02/25/19 02:23 PM #1881    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

both of the houses we lived in UP there had outside doors on the 2nd floor to get out when the snow piled up too high to use the front entrance.  Sounds like people had better start adding those the way the weather is going these days.

02/26/19 10:37 AM #1882    


William Whitten

I think Jackie posted pics of the 200" plus of snow in Marquette.  I shared the pics with my New England and Southern friends.  NH has received a lot of snow, but not 200" in the lowlands.  My yard has around 3-4'. 

03/01/19 02:23 PM #1883    


Richard Berryman

I guees you all in MARQUETTE got 204 .4 inch so fare to date. We moved in to our new house on November 29th. In BAYFIELD CO. Glade to get out of the 5th wheel.We lived in it 1 year and 3 months while I was building the house. I am how removeing the 36 inches of snow off the roof.IF I can figure how to send pictures I will. I hope veryone is doing good

03/02/19 02:00 PM #1884    


Carol Aho (Slone)

Hi, Richard Berryman.  Are you coming to the Yooper Picnic this year?  Hope so.

03/21/19 06:58 PM #1885    


Albert (Sam) L'Huilllier

hope not this bad at nex get together .

03/21/19 08:40 PM #1886    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

I LOVE it, Sam!!!  

03/22/19 09:13 AM #1887    


Robert Lambert

Mine is the one in the

03/22/19 03:56 PM #1888    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

I get the motorized wheelchair but I'm going to 'borrow' the basket from that walker.


03/22/19 04:40 PM #1889    


Jacklyn Hassel (Roper)

Love the photo, Sam! I, for one, still do not use the walker I somehow managed to win?? at our Medicare Birthday party :-) But . . . I do still have the moose that was hung over the front of the walker:-) He lives with me in AZ and reminds me all the time of my Yooper classmates :-)

03/22/19 05:17 PM #1890    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

I almost forgot that you had won one of the 'big' prizes.  What a great time that was!  Class of '65 bingo, UP cookies, pasties that Pat brought back from the UP - - and a great group of classmates!!

03/22/19 09:05 PM #1891    


Robert Lambert

If you get the motorized one, Karen, no wheelies ! If you go over backwards, we probably won't be able to put you back in it. Lol  What's the basket for ? Medicinal spirits ?!

03/22/19 11:23 PM #1892    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

the basket is for 'stuff" like hand warmers and maybe a couple of blankets to keep me warm.  If I fall over just pile on my blankets to keep me warm and call 911

03/25/19 03:47 PM #1893    


Robert Lambert

  If we can't pick you up, Karen, I'll crank up my tractor. Lol

03/29/19 08:29 PM #1894    


Marylyn Erickson (Lee)


Boiler Up!    Saying it while I still can this season.   Hoping Michigan State plays equally well during the second half tonight.   Gary Libby, we need you to cheer loudly from the southern part of Indiana when the Boilers play their next game.  Go Boilers!

It’s probably not too soon to let Pat know your plans for the July picnic if you can.  The first boat is in at the Island today so summer is on its way.  See you at The Commons !

04/24/19 08:28 PM #1895    


Donald Saunders

As of 4-24-19 back as a yooper, last trip from Greenville, now in Negaunee.

04/25/19 03:54 PM #1896    


Albert (Sam) L'Huilllier

will give you a call when i get to the UP Don ( early ) August , you should be settled in by then 

04/26/19 01:16 PM #1897    


Donald Saunders

May or may not be settled by then, but hope to here from you anyway.

04/26/19 05:37 PM #1898    


Robert Lambert

A yooper comes home....Welcome back, Don.

05/04/19 08:15 PM #1899    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

For all you Uke players - - May 10 - 12 in Lansing is the 'Mighty Uke Day' celebration.  You can go to 

05/05/19 08:41 AM #1900    


Marylyn Erickson (Lee)


Thanks Karen.   Several members of the club TRU Ukes from Ft Wayne attend that event annually. I need more experience before I show up.  There are somewhere north of 135 on the roster for our group.       Thirty two came to play together in April for our monthly session at a Pizza Hut.  Getting to know new people has been a blessing, sore fingers, not so much.   Just having fun!




05/05/19 09:21 PM #1901    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

New people, learning a new skill and having fun doing it.  That's what it's all about, Marilyn.

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