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04/24/20 12:50 PM #2091    


Gerald (Skip) VanBuren Jr

Robin --Time sure flyes by--------Your a Great man and She was a Great Lady. Time well spent togather. You take Care Bud------------------------R.I.P. Bonnie

05/29/20 04:05 PM #2092    

Karen Wright (Lancaster)

I hope and pray all of you and yours are doing fine and dandy during this time of uncertanity and stress!!  I think back those 55 years and all we did - or at least all that I can remember!!  lol  I look at my grandson and all he is missing out on not having graduation ceremonies and parties.  I guess you can't miss something you have never experienced.  I got to drive him in the senior parade all around the town of Hopkins -  population 612.  It looked like everybody was out lining the streets with banners and flags and playing the fight song.  I was impressed at how many called out my grandson's name!!  It was an evening I will not forget.  And now I can remove 'be a float' from my bucket list!!  

Be safe everyone!!

06/30/20 08:02 AM #2093    


Susan Krueger (Hagman)

Sorry that a lot of you got emails from me yesterday.  It was a scam.  I lost my address book and my email was frozen.  About 35 people called me about it.  I spent 2 hours on the phone with comcast to fix it.  (Hope it's fixed.)  They, comcast, told me to contact the police so that is one of my projects today along with redoing my address book.

Hope everyone is staying safe.

07/23/20 01:12 PM #2094    


Jacklyn Hassel (Roper)

Carol Aho Slone is very ill and it is with a heavy heart that I share with you who are not on Facebook that her son, Derrick, posted she is in ICU with cancer in her pancreas, liver, and abdomen and there is evidence that her kidneys may be shutting down. Please keep Carol, her husband, Vern, and son, Derrick in your thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.

Carol gave me permission to share information with the class.

07/23/20 02:53 PM #2095    

Karen Wright (Lancaster)

Definitely my thoughts and prayers are with Carol and family.  Wishing them strength and love thru this ordeal.  heart

07/23/20 04:40 PM #2096    


Jill Irey

Thinking and praying for Carol and her family that they will all have courage and strength.

07/23/20 07:09 PM #2097    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Prayers to Carol and her family during this most difficult time.  


07/24/20 07:38 AM #2098    


Susan Krueger (Hagman)

May God be with Carol and her family.

07/24/20 09:40 AM #2099    


Gary Libby

Sorry to hear this, I sure remember Carol as a good friend. From a fellow Harvey/Lakewood buddy, I pray you will get thru this fight with cancer and enjoy many good years to come. I know what it's like to hear the C word, scary, but you are a tough lady. May Jesus and your family hold your hand thru this!

07/24/20 09:50 AM #2100    


Richard Berryman


07/24/20 11:48 AM #2101    


Robert Lambert

  May GOD grant you strength and peace of mind in this trying time. We all know that we will not reach the New Heaven and New Earth without passing through this portal. Thoughts and prayers always.

07/24/20 01:08 PM #2102    


Jacklyn Hassel (Roper)

Carol's son, Derrick just posted that she passed away early this morning. I will try to get some information about a service for her.

07/24/20 05:28 PM #2103    


Gerald (Skip) VanBuren Jr


07/26/20 11:06 AM #2104    


Jacklyn Hassel (Roper)

Derrick’s Facebook Post this morning.

 Update on the funeral plans for my Mom Carol Slone: Dad and I will have a private viewing of her and our personal goodbye on Wednesday afternoon at 1 pm at Palm Mortuary on 800 S. Boulder Highway in Henderson. Sometime after that she will be cremated. Approximately a week after that a memorial service will be held in a chapel at that Palm Mortuary location. A Catholic priest will preside over the service and I will deliver a eulogy. The service will conclude with all of us who will attend walking out of the chapel to the cemetery where there will be a final goodbye ceremony with the priest blessing the remains of both my Mom and my brother Jason at the location of their internment. Once the ceremony is concluded we will depart from the cemetery and both my Mom and my brother will be laid to rest. I will make an announcement on the memorial service when a firm date and time are set. Thank you all for your support and kindness to me and my family during this time of profound sadness and grief. It means the world to us.


07/27/20 10:19 AM #2105    


Susan Sicotte (McNeill)

My sincere condolences to Carol's family.  We have also lost my life long friend Karen Revord.  She was such a kind and loving woman.  She always had a wonderful smile and great laugh in the the face of many hardships since her stroke.  I will remember her with gratitude and love.

07/27/20 01:41 PM #2106    


Patricia Nevala

So sorry to hear about the passing of Karen Revord.  She made it to the 50th reunion in spite of her physical challenges.  It was good to see her. 

07/27/20 09:05 PM #2107    


Gerald (Skip) VanBuren Jr

Our Sincere Condolences to Karen's Family. Rest in God's Arms Dear Friend-------------------------------skip & sharon

08/02/20 07:07 AM #2108    


Patricia Nevala

Classmate Diana Dagenais Haglund died Friday, July 31st.  Her obituary on the website gives her graduation date as 1964 but she is listed as a 1965 graduate in the Tatler and in my database.  Go to the funeral home website for a full obituary.  A Celebration of Life will be on Friday, August 7th. 


08/02/20 02:25 PM #2109    


Patricia Nevala

A typo - it's Diane, not Diana.

08/09/20 04:52 PM #2110    


Bonnie Maves (Reedy)

We are in the U.P.. It is hot today!  I am so sorry about the recent passings of our classmates. We haven't seen anyone except family but I think I saw John T. and Kaye H. at the band concert. Everyone was wearing masks. Skip, if you read this would you call my sister.  Beaver took down another Birch at camp. Need advice. 

10/13/20 03:50 AM #2111    


Richard Johnson

It's over 2 months since anyone has posted.   Did the world end?  I missed that memo.  laugh     Fall in Milwaukee.Fall in Milwaukee

10/13/20 09:01 AM #2112    

Karen Wright (Lancaster)

I for one have not been sitting still.  In an effort to 'get out of Dodge' when all transportation is shut down I decided to dig my way to the other side of the world.  I've got a good start.  wink

10/13/20 09:50 AM #2113    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Sorry for the delay in posting...nothing really happening of great consequence...venturing to different locations and gatherings that don't contain the possibility of contamination...visiting 4 people who I have known for over 30 years and trust to the hilt, places of worship that are outside and contain the same 4 people,  grandchildren a few days a week, and reading, reading reading.  

I've come to realize at this date that this too shall come to pass, but it is up to science and medicine to provide the solutions of this horrible pandemic.  This I have no control over and there lies the frustration.  The other frustrating part is that this thing is eating away at my "Golden Years" and eroding my bucket list.  Damn it anyway!

So salutations to all of you in the hope you are all doing as well as can be expected and you are safe and wearing your masks and social distancing.  

Hoping to seeing all of you at the next reunion gathering, I reamain,  your friend,




10/13/20 01:34 PM #2114    


Ronald Raisanen

Beautiful day in the UP. Enjoy it while you can. 

As for current events get ready to VOTE if you haven't already. Some of you are for one canidate and some for the other and some who don't like either one but by not voting you may get the one you like the least. Vote or you may lose the right to ever vote again. 

Please VOTE.

10/13/20 02:12 PM #2115    


Patricia Nevala

It's been a dry spell on the website, that's for sure.  Does anyone have any memories of high school that might start a lively discussion?  We've had some really funny memories in the past.   

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