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11/02/20 11:28 AM #2129    


Susan Sicotte (McNeill)

I  have been thinking about Lola Morrison a lot lately.  Any one else still out there who was so lucky to have her for a teacher?  I met Bobbi Uren in her class.  I learned how to conjugate verbs and how to behave like a lady from her.  She was a real class act.  She is the teacher who even signed my year book!  "Vale! Tempus Fugit!"

11/03/20 10:37 AM #2130    


Jacklyn Hassel (Roper)

I love your post, Sue. I really enjoyed the three years I was in Mrs.Morrison's Latin classes.  Much that I learned has been helpful all these yeasrs, especally when reading and coming across words in other languages or that were just unfamiliar to me :-)

Thanks for the memory.

11/03/20 11:01 AM #2131    


Marylyn Erickson (Lee)



Have had the same thoughts over the years about Mrs M.     I used to wonder just how the things she taught would actually be useful, but the language basics have been everywhere in my reading, writing and conversation as you said, Jackie.     The great thing was that she took a very difficult subject to teach and made it work, while keeping it fun for young learners.   Her input, and that of Mrs Dembowski made my college years so much easier.  Although I dreaded memorizing Old English poems  ( and reciting them senior English class) I have thanked those teachers from a distance many times.   Those ladies definitely had different teaching styles but both worked for me,   We were fortunate to have our early education where and when we did.  



11/03/20 01:36 PM #2132    


Donald Saunders

I did not have Mrs Morrison as a teacher, but I did have Fritz Briscoe. He was one of my all time favorites, along with John Tuttle. Fritz saw my retirement notice in the Northern Mag.  and emailed me his congratulations. It was sure nice that he remembered me after so many years. I wish I had taken the time to stop in Jenison Mi to see him before his passing!

11/03/20 04:13 PM #2133    


Patricia Nevala

At the 50th reunion, I believe some of the teachers mentioned that they remembered the kids in our class.  I don't know if most teachers remember all of their students.  Maybe because we went through the trials of half-day sessions together....or maybe we were just that impressive!!  I think even if Covid cooperates and let's us have a reunion in 2021, there won't be many teachers left.  


11/10/20 10:29 AM #2134    


Marylyn Erickson (Lee)

Don, did you change the "Class of " sign to '65 while on those rocks ?   Fun photo!   

11/11/20 12:45 PM #2135    


Donald Saunders

The rock I was on was at lighthouse point, not picnic rocks, so the 64 still lives on, at 3rd  picnics!

11/11/20 05:35 PM #2136    


Robert Lambert

  Found out from Niel Marrieta's brother that Niel died of a heart attack on the golf course Monday. Rest in peace, Niel.


11/11/20 06:58 PM #2137    


Patricia Nevala

Oh no.  How sad.  Do you know if he was in the Copper Country or was he down south someplace?  I'll watch for an obituary.  

11/11/20 07:18 PM #2138    


Robert Lambert

 All Barry said was he was on the golf course, was revived and died at the hospital.  Barry and I were talking about him over the week end. Brought up about when he was injured skiing. Said he died then, but, when he was cut for an autopsy he sat up. Took over 300 stitches to close him up. HOLY WAUGH!!!!

11/13/20 12:07 PM #2139    


Patricia Nevala

Our condolences are extended to Al Filizetti whose wife, Diane, passed away yesterday.  

12/05/20 01:41 PM #2140    


Donald Saunders

Subject: Nostalgia THE DIAMONDS 
THE DIAMONDS - Did you know Tom Hanks' father was the lead singer of
the Diamonds?
About Tom Hanks Father: If you were alive in 1957, and old enough to
enjoy Rock and Roll, you will probably remember the group
"The Diamonds" who had just launched their super hit "Little Darlin'".
For you that are too old or too young to remember - it was a time when the
performers were happy, enjoying themselves, respecting their fans,
dressed appropriately, and their lyrics could be understood.
In 1957, The Diamonds had a hit with "Little Darlin'". 47 years later,
they were requested to perform at Atlantic City.
This link leads to both performances. Watch the first one, then the
'new' one 47 years later.
Though you can see a resemblance, Tom Hanks' father is better looking
than Tom ... and even better looking with age.
In the linked videos, Tom Hanks' father is the lead singer on the
left. He still has it!
Hope you enjoy.
47 years apart and the same performance, both identical.


12/05/20 04:13 PM #2141    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

Don, Thank you so much for that link and the side facts.  My sister had the 45 and we used to play it all the time - - along with "The Twelvth of Never" and others.  I will try to share this with my sister, maybe it will ring a bell with her.  They must have been on Ed Sulivan too 'cause I remember the handkerchief bit.  Love it!!  

12/05/20 06:28 PM #2142    


Patricia Nevala

I think Tom and his dad have the same nose. In 1957, Dad looked like Tom Hanks used to look in his early days - like in Bosom Buddies or the movie Splash..  I agree Don, dad is better looking than Tom :-)

12/06/20 10:02 AM #2143    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Sorry classmates false news...The Diamonds were a Canadian group and lead singer was born in Guelph, Ontario.  Tom Hanks father was born in California.  No connection with the group.  Good legend for a good story though.  Love the song!

12/06/20 03:07 PM #2144    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

Does anyone remember the 'egg' ornaments that the Presbyterian Lady's Circle used to make and sell at the bazaar every year?  They used the fake laying eggs.  We'd save greeting cards for them to cut out pics to glue on the eggs and then add the 'bling'.  My grandmother would always give us some for our tree.  Some of mine probably go back 65 to 70 years - - I'm guessing.  Can't figure out how to load the pic here from my profile.  lol 

12/06/20 04:07 PM #2145    


Patricia Nevala

Karen's egg tree

12/06/20 04:12 PM #2146    


Patricia Nevala

Hey Chuck, I still think he looks like a young Tom Hanks - only better.  

12/06/20 04:46 PM #2147    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

I agree, Pat.


12/07/20 04:54 PM #2148    


Patricia Nevala

Let's get in the holiday spirit since we may be holed up for awhile.  Dig through your old pictures and upload something from a Christmas past. Here's mine.

To upload your picture, click on the image box to the right of Source.  Then click on Choose File and then Upload.  If you need help, let me know.

12/08/20 10:20 AM #2149    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Christmas morning Roy, sisters Annie, Liz and moi. Messy but happy!

12/08/20 12:56 PM #2150    


Donald Saunders

Not my photo but great memmories!

12/09/20 06:42 AM #2151    


Jill Irey

12/09/20 05:39 PM #2152    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

Ironwood 195??.  I got a doll & my sister got the bike.  Nighties were always made by Mom and we got to open them Christmas Eve

01/15/21 07:15 PM #2153    


Patricia Nevala

Classmate JoAnn Croisetiere Utt passed away in November in West Virginia. 

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