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11/06/18 10:37 PM #1844    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)

My sincere condolences to Mike Miller's wife Mary & family. Mike was loved by many & will surely be missed.

Pat, my choice would be Friday @ Commons...sorry for the late response. Life just gets in the way.

This is also late....Thanks to the many who wished me a Happy Birthday in September!!

Happy Birthday to all the November babies, especially my best buddy, Gloria Brassard Walden.


11/08/18 09:15 AM #1845    


Susan Sicotte (McNeill)

My sincere condolences to Mary and family.  May Mike now rest peacefully. 


12/05/18 02:53 PM #1846    


Patricia Nevala

Mike Chapman, husband of classmate and fellow Troll Patrol member, Laura Savitski, passed away unexpectedly on November 20th.  Our class offers her our deepest sympathy.  If you would like to offer her personal support, her address is: 

1764 Roe Road
Haslett, MI 48840 


12/07/18 03:58 PM #1847    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)

My condolences to Laura Savitsky Chapman & family. You will be foremost in my thoughts/prayers this holiday season.

Susie Sicotte McNeill: That black Vegas sweatshirt you kindly brought home from this summers picnic belongs to me. One can dress me up & take me just can't leave me clothes begin to fall off!

My home phone is 906/374/1007...please give me a call & we can make arrangements for me to pick it up. I realize you may be in Az for the Spring is fine. We decided to Yoop it this winter...staying home. Happy Birthday to all you December babies!! Stay warm everybody. Happy Holidays as well.

12/09/18 09:18 PM #1848    


Robert Lambert

   Laura, So sorry to read about your husband. please accept my sincerest condolences.

   May our loving GOD help you all through this trying time. My prayers are with you all.....Mary and family also.

12/09/18 09:43 PM #1849    


Carol Aho (Slone)

My deepest sympathy to you and your family, Laura.  

12/10/18 10:00 AM #1850    


Vicki Magoon (Schafer)

Laura,,, my thoughts are with you during this difficult time and also to Mary on the loss of Mike.  Hoping that many wonderful memories sustain you.  I have been following everyone's comments.  Pat....the get together date of July 12th sounds good.   Will try to make it this time........ This holiday I am babysitting my older daughters' dog while they spend the month in Europe celebrating their 25th anniversary...... They have already altered some planned activities because of the crazy demonstrations going on in France.    Hope all have a blessed Christmas season and good new year!



12/11/18 02:48 AM #1851    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)

So sorry to learn of Donnie Bell's passing. I will always remember him as being friendly to all. May you rest in peace Donnie. God Bless..........

12/11/18 02:09 PM #1852    


Patricia Nevala

In checking obits in the Mining Journal, I read that Leo Joseph Richer of Mesquite, NV died October 30th.  I'm pretty sure this was our classmate.  It's the same name and location that I have in my class records.  Does anyone remember him?

Sandie, Donnie died several years ago but, I agree, he was a special person.

12/13/18 03:44 PM #1853    


William (Pete) Dollar

Pat,  Leo Richer was a year ahead of us.   I do remember him.

12/14/18 04:31 PM #1854    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)


Pat, I DO recall that Donnie Bell passed away earlier, but forgot when I recently read something about him.

Leo Ritcher(sp?) was older than us. I agree with Pete.


12/14/18 05:37 PM #1855    


Patricia Nevala

Somehow Leo ended up on our clas list.  It's possible it was an error or maybe not enough credits to graduate with his class.  I ran into this with at least one other classmate on our list.  

12/23/18 07:33 PM #1856    


Robert Lambert

  Merry Christmas everyone. May GOD's peace reign in the coming year.

  Can't believe how little snow we have.....Oh No!!! I said it!...Now we're in for it. LOL

  The temp was 30 degs today. Supposed to be warm tomorrow also.

  Be singing at 5:00 pm mass tomorrow. Starts at 4:30 with the children then our choir for some pre mass carols. Looking forward to it.

  Everyone got their gifts ready? I did some scampering today to find a gift for the Mrs. Gets harder & harder to think of something to get her. Going to get easier now though. Got her a gold bracelet with a double heart charm. Now all I need to do is ad to it every year.

  Well, I suppose I should sing you all a song.......We fish you a merry Christmas, we fish you a merry Christmas, we fish you a merry Christmas, Cohohohoho! 

12/24/18 08:48 AM #1857    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Thanks, Bob, and the same to you and yours.  And to all of our classmates a very Merry Christmas and safe and healthy holiday season.

12/24/18 10:24 AM #1858    


Marylyn Erickson (Lee)



Merry Christmas everyone!     Hope you can celebrate some holiday moments with your loved ones as I did recently.    

My loved ones, ages 3 to 75,  enjoyed an early holiday concert this month at a nearby Pizza Hut where my ukulele club entertained for an hour and a half.    The packed house sang along with 25 ukulele players for a beautiful opening to our Christmas season.    Thanks to Bob for his encouragement last summer, I now enjoy participating in this activity and have met some really fun folks.   Looking forward to more good times in 2019.  If you are in Marquette maybe you can connect with the group Bob talks about.    Fun and free concerts.  

God Bless each of you in the months to come.  See you in July,      Marylyn

12/24/18 02:52 PM #1859    


Bonnie Maves (Reedy)

Merry Christmas Everyone! We just finished Christmas Eve dinner early with our youngest daughter and her bunch of boys and will spend Christmas Day with older daughter and her family in Richmond tomorrow. Prayers to all and especially to those missing someone special.  I hope the new year will be kind to us slightly older dudes!

12/24/18 04:02 PM #1860    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

And I add my good wishes to you all for the Best and Merriest Holidays ever!  I've had my 2 youngest grandkids here for a few days - teenagers for pete's sake!!  The rest of the family came over earlier today and we had our traditional pizza and presents.  This year I have a new grandson-in-law to add to the group.  What a joy it is to have them all together for another Christmas.  My little Boo kitty and I will now break out the wine & catnip and put up our paws and have a merry ho ho ho eve.  I should get out the rake tomorrow and rake the mound of leaves in my front yard that have just fallen.  LOL  I do believe that this is the first time I will be able to say 'raking leaves' as my Christmas activity!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!  See you in July!!

12/29/18 10:15 AM #1861    


Harold (Joe) Libby

  Hi all, seasons greetings as we begin our annual trek around our sun. Which of us knows what troubles will befall us as we venture forth. the deep realms of space hold many trials, many troubles, many sorrows. Point being most of us knowing that we haven't the slightest chance of avoiding those maladies would chose not to go. Fair enough, but alas we don't really have a say in the choice as to whether or not we journey forth, so we are along for the ride, the decision is not in our hands, so here we are, moving ahead at a terrifying speed going where no man has ever gone. Wait thats not the end of the story, theres more to this adventure, first we are like the Robinson's. from the t.v. show Lost in Space, were together, as we face the future we share in the uncertainty, we also will have our share of joys, great families, great friendships, connections with organizations we enjoy, opportunity to continue to grow and expand our knowledge, many good things have been planned for us as we move forward. The greatest comfort is our God has provided an answer to the worries and concerns we face. Actually He has taken our burdens on Himself, He sent His Son to assume all of those things that create our anxieties, anxieties that we have as much abilitiy to counter as we have the abilty to have a say in whether or not we actually do travel around the sun this coming year. So what then, we have prayer, we can ask a loving God for that, we can ask Him to send His holy Spirit to give us forgiveness, strength, to endure our trials, give us a willing heart to thank Him for all the blessings we are given, those we share these times with. and when it is time to depart this journey, we can be certain of our destination, a home with Him, and those who have  left and gone ahead to that place He has prepared for us. So we begin, we can try to take control of our journey just as we try to control our fates, if anyone has been able to do that please tell us how that worked out, or we can move forward assured that our loving God has provided all we need to make our journey a happy joyous one, no one need appreciate my views but this is where i will lay my burdens down, Happy 2019, enjoy the ride assuredly it will be an interesting one.



12/31/18 10:49 AM #1862    


Richard Berryman

To all classmates We are officially in our new house as of November 29 2018. It only took a year and 3 months. One of the most crazy things I have done in my 72 years. It was just me and 2 other guys. If I could figure how to post pictures I would. Here is wish all of you a Happy New Year. And always remember the classmates that have past,away.

01/01/19 10:17 AM #1863    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Joe, good writing...Richard best of luck in your new abode...and to all a very Happy New Year!

01/01/19 01:40 PM #1864    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

My wish for us all is a happy, healing, prosperous, safe and secure 2019!  Hope to see all your smiling faces in July!  smiley 

01/02/19 10:17 AM #1865    


Carol Aho (Slone)

Congratulations on your new home, Rich.  Hope to see you in March.  Bring pictures.  Happy New Year!

01/03/19 10:03 PM #1866    


Robert Lambert

  Awesome "novel", Joe. LOL. I agree. Rich, congrats on the new home. Vicki M. Good to see you on the web.

  Can't believe the weather for Jan 3rd. 30 degs and rain!  Holy Wagh!!!  Supposed to be warm the rest of the week. Not complaining..... just surprised. I'll take these temps all winter.

  Found another hobby to ad to my list. Go to u-tube and type in pine cone and resin box. Got a wood lathe and parts to start my new projects. Didn't do too well on the first one. Glad I started small. Didn't waste much. Think I can salvage it though. If the next one turns out ok I'll send a picture of it. Right now I'm just doing a desk ornament.

  No, Marylyn, I haven't put the Uke aside.  Just "more irons in the fire."  Sure am glad I'm not working... I'd have to retire. LOL.

  Has anyone heard from Dawn L.?  Hope all is well with her. 

  Stay warm and healthy ....and prosporous everyone. Happy New Year.

01/09/19 08:23 PM #1867    


Robert Lambert

   Hey, all. Just sent Pat a text with a couple pics of a project I started a couple weeks ago. It's not completed yet, but, close. I saw similar on u-tube and thought I'd try it. fun, but, messy and time consuming!  Shaped it on my lathe and then started sanding it. I'm up to 4,000 grit paper now. Started out with 80 grit. First one...not real good, but, practice makes perfect........well....close anyway.

01/09/19 10:46 PM #1868    


Jacklyn Hassel (Roper)

Time to think about a little get-away to a warmer, drier climate?

Yooper Picnic - Save the Date - Thursday, March 7, 2019

Lake Havasu City, AZ 

Hope to see you there 😊

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