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05/05/19 08:41 AM #1900    


Marylyn Erickson (Lee)


Thanks Karen.   Several members of the club TRU Ukes from Ft Wayne attend that event annually. I need more experience before I show up.  There are somewhere north of 135 on the roster for our group.       Thirty two came to play together in April for our monthly session at a Pizza Hut.  Getting to know new people has been a blessing, sore fingers, not so much.   Just having fun!




05/05/19 09:21 PM #1901    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

New people, learning a new skill and having fun doing it.  That's what it's all about, Marilyn.

05/31/19 07:06 PM #1902    


Patricia Nevala

Jennifer Peterson Lazzari, the daughter of Bobbi Uren, our late classmate, and her husband, Gordy Peterson, passed away on May 26th. Friends may call at the Fassbender Swanson Hansen Funeral and Cremation Services on Saturday, June 1, beginning at 5:00 pm until the time of service at 7:00 pm. This will be an informal time for the sharing of memories, conversation, and a dessert reception.

06/21/19 05:56 AM #1903    


Richard Johnson

As they say in Finland, Hyvää juhannusta!

06/23/19 01:42 PM #1904    


Richard Johnson

Here are a couple of photos taken in Marquette the other day.  The photographer is Justin Carlson from Marquette.  He took them with his drone and originally posted them on Facebook.  I am uploading them here with his permission.  Enjoy.


06/24/19 01:21 PM #1905    


Laura Savitski (Chapman)

Great photos of Marquette!! Thanks for posting.

06/27/19 12:01 PM #1906    


Patricia Nevala

Kaye Hiebel passed on this message about a walking tour on July 10th.  If you're available, it's something that you should consider doing.  Scroll down past the picture for all the details.

06/28/19 12:02 PM #1907    


Stanley Williams

Pat:  Please do my old heart, and many of the others in this group, a favor by not starting a post "so and so passed on" .  My first thought was Oh no, not another one, and NOT Kay Heibel!  Then I read and reread the rest of the sentence.

Anyway, that  cleared up, The picture of the Steam Laundry was of special interest to me. I think my Dad might be one of the drivers pictured.  I know one of them is Billy Balmes.  They lived on Fisher St. across from St Peter's school. 

My Grandfather, Father, and aunt all worked  at the Laundry at one time or another.  My mother was a secretary in the office for Si Williams (no relation) and a Mr Hambly.  She made $8.00 / week, and drove back and forth from Ishpeming for the job. 

06/28/19 01:55 PM #1908    


Paul Yoder

I agree with Stan. My heart too stopped at "passed". Then I read the whole line and clicked on the message forum. 

06/28/19 02:41 PM #1909    


Carol Aho (Slone)

I also agree with Stan.  I had an older sister who worked there; probably in the late 50's.

06/28/19 02:59 PM #1910    


Patricia Nevala

Apologies - especially to Kaye who might have been deemed "departed" to those who didn't read the whole sentence. crying  I'll definitely keep that in mind on future postings.  

06/28/19 03:04 PM #1911    


Patricia Nevala

Kaye Hiebel is alive and well - for those who only saw the first abbreviated line in my posting.

06/29/19 09:05 AM #1912    


Susan Krueger (Hagman)


Would it be possible to post a list of the classmates that are coming to the picnic?  Looking forward to seeing everyone.


06/29/19 02:05 PM #1913    


Patricia Nevala

I didn't require RSVPs because it's a BYO event.  However, the classmates below said they planned to be there.  I believe there will be more since some of the classmates who attend our events regularly didn't RSVP. Kitty from Baraga thought there would be 12 or more from their class.  I'll be sending another reminder next week.  We will be charging $10/person.  

Pat Nevala
Karen Wright
Rich Schwenke
Al Filizetti
Sue Krueger
Bob Thomsen
Bob Lambert
Jess Larson
Howy Fissette
Jackie Hassel
Kristina (Toni) Wareham
Kaye Hiebel
Sue Sicotte
Bonnie Maves
Marylyn Erickson
Don Saunders
Pegi Martindale
Carolyn Hunter
Jan Clark
Laura Savitski
Pat McCombie
Dusty Ferguson
John Trudeau
Len Lawson
Kitty Threthaway (Baraga)


06/29/19 02:38 PM #1914    


Jacklyn Hassel (Roper)

We have such an AWESOME class!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you and I will not be stuck the entire time behind a registration table this year. Only some of the time, so who will be the lucky person to relieve me from my duties so I, too, can socialize?

Is there a name you would like to see on this list, but don't, how about contacting that person and extending a personal invitation!

See you all in only 13 days :-)



06/30/19 07:27 AM #1915    


Susan Krueger (Hagman)

Thanks, Pat.

07/04/19 01:13 PM #1916    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

Attended the Hastings July 4th concert last night at the Thornapple Plaza.  It has the band shell and grass steps for your chair and a concession stand.  The Hastings City Band (formed 1857) performed patriotic songs.  They started the concert by all standing and singing the National Anthem then recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  How refreshing!  Then they played each branch of the service's song and members stood to be applauded for theirs.  Man next to me was a Korean War Vet. Then we sang and clapped thru marches and misc songs.  I love this town.  It reminds me of growing up in Ironwood. Afterwards talked to a lot of folks there that I had not seen in awhile.  I love the summer concert series. Last Friday night was a guy that had been in the finals of The Voice.  They have good intertainment on Wednesday's and Fridays thru the summer and it only costs a donation dropped in the bucket. 

07/11/19 03:26 PM #1917    


Dawn L'Huilllier (Flack)

Please pray for Howard Fissette.  He is very ill and not doing well at this time..... thank you

07/11/19 09:36 PM #1918    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

So sorry to hear that.  Will surely pray for him. Please keep us posted.

07/12/19 04:16 PM #1919    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Prayers for Howard!

07/15/19 05:02 PM #1920    


Robin Zini

Hi everyone. Just want to say thanks for sharing the photos of our class picnic 2019. I enjoyed seeing you all, even though indirectly, having a great time. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend future gatherings.

07/16/19 09:18 PM #1921    


Donald Saunders

I talked to Howy Fissette through email, he said he is going to see his Dr. Tomorrow to go over Cat Scan. He said he is fighting and hopes for the best. 

07/18/19 08:29 PM #1922    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)


Richard Johnson....I sure enjoyed those Mqt pics...tx for posting!

I have been in touch via FB with Howie Fissette. He is sorry he could not make the picnic. He has been very ill.

He said "I love you guys". I am going to try to visit him soon...hopefully this coming week. I believe in medical confidentiality, so after a visit I will keep the class posted with whatever info he gives me permission to share.

He does need prayers.

07/18/19 11:20 PM #1923    


Harold (Joe) Libby

 Hi all, really enjoyed our picnic gathering. Especially thought combining with Bishop Baraga was very nice. I do like adding some activities, such as our pontoon outing at Don’s camp on the basin provided great time to visit and get better acquainted with folks we don’t see very often. I do realize this adds extra effort in planning those gatherings. Maybe as folks become aware this coming year of extra events occurring around the time of our next reunion we could list them and start a conversation about a few of us that might want to participate. Even ideas a simple as a beach bonfire on M-28.. Weather permitting of coarse, the orchestra concert on the island was great. Just things that allow folks to get reacquainted, maybe sing a few tunes, shake our booties to some oldies via blue tooth downloaded tunes, stuff easy, and voluntary if some people come to town and might enjoy those ideas. Just a thought. Add my name to those thinking about and sending petitions to our Heavenly Father on behalf of Howard. 


07/20/19 08:16 AM #1924    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

Great idea, Joe! The concert was enjoyable as was the company!  

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