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03/02/20 04:26 PM #2029    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

done and done!!  Hope to see all of you this summer!!!  Wouldn't that be something!!!  Holy Wa!!!   cheekysurpriselaugh

03/05/20 09:21 PM #2030    


Jacklyn Hassel (Roper)

Yooper Picnic (11th year)

Front Row:  Lorna Weiger, Carol Aho, Jackie Hassel

Back Row:  Mike Ellsworth, Mary Iery, Dean Bocklund, Diane Howell

03/06/20 07:44 AM #2031    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Good looking group!

03/07/20 08:46 PM #2032    


Robert Lambert

  Hey all, thought you should know; Skip's partner, Sharon, had a heart attack Wednesday. She will be going through tests tomorrow. Skip says she is doing better, but, the doctors will try to find out what caused it. They think it may be the stint that was put in some years back. Skip said it may be leaking, but, they can't be sure until they do a cath. Keep them in our prayers, guys....and gals.

03/08/20 03:00 PM #2033    


Patricia Nevala

Thanks for the update, Bob.  We will definitely keep a good thought.  We want to see both of them this summer.

03/09/20 12:41 AM #2034    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)

For those of you who don't know...Skip's partner Sharon is our classmate Susie Lamere Jarrett's sister.               Healing thoughts & prayers for all involved.


03/09/20 08:58 AM #2035    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Thinkng of you Skip and Sharon...prayers are with you!


03/09/20 12:44 PM #2036    


Carol Aho (Slone)

Best wishes & prayers to Skip, Sharon, & Susie.

03/09/20 04:47 PM #2037    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

Hugs and prayers for you Sharon & Skip!!   Speedy recovery!  looking forward to seein you both at the reunion!!  winkyes 

03/09/20 08:09 PM #2038    


Bonnie Maves (Reedy)

Skip, I hope Sharon heals quickly!  Prayers sent.  We need to see both of you this summer!

03/10/20 09:39 AM #2039    


Susan Sicotte (McNeill)

Sincere prayers for you both, Sharon and Skip.



03/10/20 05:44 PM #2040    


Gerald (Skip) VanBuren Jr

THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS MUCH APPRECIATED-----------------I brought Sharon home late yesterday afternoon. We Got Home around 5:30 pm she was feeling much better. Sunday the Doctors cleaned the stint they put in 10 years ago and had to lenghten it . It was plugged some and was leaking also. She was feeling pretty good Monday afternoon so they turned her over to ME------smiley--------I told her that in a week or so Marine Corps Boot Camp starts around here and I already ordered her uniform and I'm the Drill instructor--LOL----Again Sharon and I want to thank You all for your Prayers----------

                                Skip & Sharon

03/10/20 06:30 PM #2041    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

So glad to hear that, Skip!!!  Don't be too hard on her now.  Remember that she has to put up with you!!  LOL  Thank God she is doing so much better!!  

03/11/20 06:38 AM #2042    


Susan Krueger (Hagman)

GREAT NEWS.  Looking forward to seeing both of you this summer.

03/11/20 08:02 AM #2043    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Wonderful news Skip...listen, about that Boot Camp...Tell Sharon that if you can do two sit-ups in a row she will too!


03/11/20 02:21 PM #2044    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

Hey guys - - come to Cardio Drummimg with me!!  It's a riot!!!  We get to move to 'Mony Mony' and 'Fireball' and 'Cotten eyed Joe'  - - all those good ol' slow songs!!!  Good thing fitness center is across the parking lot from the hospital!!!  laugh

03/12/20 12:20 PM #2045    


Harold (Joe) Libby

Skip now we know  your lady is truly in need of our prayers. Post photos of your outfit in your marine uniforms. Sounds scary to me. Think my heart just skipped a beat!👀ðŸĪŠðŸ™ðŸĪ 

03/13/20 02:14 PM #2046    


Robert Lambert

  Hi all, just picked up the 't' shirts I ordered. As soon as I can I'll post a pic on our web sight.....if I remember how to do it.Lol.  They are AWESOME. I only have 12...well eleven.....3 med, 3 lge, 3 x-lge, 3 xxl. Oops, 2 xl. I can't put a price on the screen, so, send me a text  906/458/3183

03/14/20 12:47 PM #2047    


Robert Lambert

  If you text me please add your name? I only get the text and phone number. I have two medium and no xl left.   


03/14/20 02:15 PM #2048    


Patricia Nevala

Although it looks like Bob's shirts are almost sold out, here's the picture:

03/14/20 05:23 PM #2049    


Robert Lambert

 There are still 2 med.,3 L,  no xl, no xxl. just updated, 3/15/2020.   can order more. 

03/15/20 05:24 PM #2050    


Gerald (Skip) VanBuren Jr

Thanks again everyone your prayers are being answered---------Sharon is doing real Good--Boot camp might be canceled LOL--Will be GREAT to see you all this Summer---------skip

03/20/20 10:15 AM #2051    


Donald Saunders

Beautiful spring day in Marquette!


03/21/20 08:15 AM #2052    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois



It's a lovely day at the beach!!


03/28/20 10:10 PM #2053    


Robert Lambert

   Hey all. Hope all are safe and "isolated" till this is over. Getting mighty boaring not being able to socialize at Big Boy.  This is like a ghost town. Very little traffic.  When I do go out, I head for the hills so I am away from people. Going stir crazy!!!  Strictly take out food service, some even free delivery. 

   Stay safe, stay healthy, hope to see all when this is over. Prayers to all.

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