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04/15/20 01:41 PM #2079    


Donald Saunders


 This is a great video....
So, enjoy it. For those of you who experienced the iconic 1950's, a decade that will never be repeated
The cars arefantastic
The music was nostalgic.
We were rich and did not know it! 
We were innocent and thought we were experienced.
We were very fortunate to have lived in such an era.
Enjoy the past as revealed here.
Who knows what the future will bring?
PS: The secret's out! They actually show where the gas filler is on a 56 Chevy! (Turn up your speakers…:)

04/15/20 02:03 PM #2080    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

WOW!!!  Thanks Don!!  That was quite a walk/dance/drive down memory lane.  Thank you so much for sharing that!!


04/16/20 12:43 PM #2081    


Robert Lambert

  Thanks, Don, for the memories. Brought back memories of the "good old days". I remember one where I could have died if I fell. A friend and I climbed the face of the "rock cut". Long climb...and VERY foolish.  I remember the school dances also. I never could do the fast songs. That was a time when boys and girls actually held onto each other. Now...THEM were the days. Lol. I remember the aluminum disc we used in the winter. Never could keep facing front. Lol. 


04/17/20 10:48 AM #2082    


Gary Libby

I've been enjoying all your notes for a long time, thought I'd try to participate. Thanks for the video Don,very cool, lot's of great memories. Sure is sad to see where our classmates have passed on, because we're still only middle aged aren't we? Hope you all stay happy and healthy and avoid the dang covid19.

04/18/20 09:00 AM #2083    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Gary good to hear from you!  Hope all is well.  Don, thanks for the video..haven't stopped dancing since it came on.  Skip, always enjoy you words.  The rest of you I hope are safe and well.

04/22/20 10:46 AM #2084    


Patricia Nevala

Classmate Kathy Trewhella Liupakka has passed away.  Bonnie Maves, who is connected through marriage to Kathy's husband, describes her as a "kind soul".  I'll post an obituary when published.  

04/22/20 08:33 PM #2085    


Robin Zini
Remembering our classmate,My girlfriend,my wife.It's been 10 years,today.

04/23/20 07:06 AM #2086    


Paul Yoder


NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP, MI - Kathleen Marie “Kathy” Liupakka, age 73, of Negaunee Township, entered eternal life Tuesday, April 21, 2020, at UP Health System - Marquette in the loving care of her family.
Born September 27, 1946, in Marquette, a daughter of Robert and Madonna (Sarasien) Trewhella, Kathy was raised in Marquette. She attended St. Michael Grade School and Graveraet High School and was a member of the first class to graduate from the newly completed Marquette Senior High School in 1965. She married Richard Leo Liupakka and together the couple made their first home on Cleveland Street in Marquette, where they raised their three children. Throughout the years, Kathy was employed at the Gossard factory in Ishpeming, at the Crossroads four corners gas station, and the Big Boy Restaurant. Her longest employment, however, began at the former Marquette County Airport and continued at the Sawyer International Airport where she was employed as a tech specialist, involved in airplane repair for over fifteen years. She retired in 2013. Kathy was a member of St. Christopher Catholic Church where she worked on the pasty crew and where her children attended St. Christopher Grade School in their younger years. She cherished time spent with her family and the many cookouts that included close friends. In her leisure moments, Kathy enjoyed reading, playing Skip-Bo with her friends, and especially watching her granddaughter, Cheyanne ride her horse.
Kathy is survived by her husband, Richard; her children, Tamatha (Dale) Larson of Harvey and Shawn Liupakka of Negaunee Township; her grandchildren, Cheyanne and Laine Larson; sisters, Mary Trewhella of Marquette and Jackie (Larry) Bean of Canton; brothers, Robert (Marilyn) Trewhella of Big Bay and Mark Trewhella of Big Bay; her aunts, Rose Trewhella of Marquette and Loraine Syria of Abilene, TX; many nieces and nephews.
In addition to her parents, Kathy was preceded in death by a son, Timothy Liupakka; a brother, Michael Trewhella; and uncles, Mel Syria and Jim Trewhella
Services will be held at a later date.
Fassbender Swanson Hansen Funeral and Cremation Services is serving the family, where condolences may be expressed online at

04/23/20 11:57 AM #2087    


Robert Lambert

  Rest in peace, Kathy and Bonnie....and all those classmates who are gone before us. May our Lord and GOD be merciful. 'Till we meet again. May GOD's peace and healing be with us all in these trying times.                         

04/23/20 02:15 PM #2088    


Bonnie Maves (Reedy)

I am so sorry to hear about Kathy's death. I stayed connected with her because my sister Julia Liubakka's husband was a first cousin to Kathy's husband Richard.  My brother-in-law passed away the summer after my dear friend Bonnie Z.  Lots of sadness in this earthly life but also a lot of joy.  I hope this darn virus starts to go away.  Here in Virginia stay at home is until June 10th.

04/24/20 02:11 AM #2089    

Sandie Hanson (Laine)

Hi all! Been a while since I've been on the site. Sorry to learn of the passing of Dennis & Kathy. I did not really know Dennis...but Kathy was a kind & gentle soul. Both died way too Young...& of course Bonnie before them.

Don Saunders: TX for the video! Could watch Elvis forever.

We are still in Earp, CA biding our time. Planning on returning home to Rock after May 10. We were going to store the RV out here, but changed our minds. If we pull it back we can eat, sleep,& use the bathroom & have no contact with people, except to pump gas. Hubby will be masked & gloved to do that...will even sterilize the debit card. Wow! Never thought we'd be doing this in our lifetime!!

I sincerely urge everyone to stay safe & healthy through this Corona ordeal.

My prayers are with you all for I love my classmates...each & every one of you. God Bless.

Karen: I got luggage too!

04/24/20 12:38 PM #2090    


Gerald (Skip) VanBuren Jr

Oh my Goosh-R.I.P. Kathy --My God Bless--Condolances to the Family------------Skip & Sharon

04/24/20 12:50 PM #2091    


Gerald (Skip) VanBuren Jr

Robin --Time sure flyes by--------Your a Great man and She was a Great Lady. Time well spent togather. You take Care Bud------------------------R.I.P. Bonnie

05/29/20 04:05 PM #2092    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

I hope and pray all of you and yours are doing fine and dandy during this time of uncertanity and stress!!  I think back those 55 years and all we did - or at least all that I can remember!!  lol  I look at my grandson and all he is missing out on not having graduation ceremonies and parties.  I guess you can't miss something you have never experienced.  I got to drive him in the senior parade all around the town of Hopkins -  population 612.  It looked like everybody was out lining the streets with banners and flags and playing the fight song.  I was impressed at how many called out my grandson's name!!  It was an evening I will not forget.  And now I can remove 'be a float' from my bucket list!!  

Be safe everyone!!

06/30/20 08:02 AM #2093    


Susan Krueger (Hagman)

Sorry that a lot of you got emails from me yesterday.  It was a scam.  I lost my address book and my email was frozen.  About 35 people called me about it.  I spent 2 hours on the phone with comcast to fix it.  (Hope it's fixed.)  They, comcast, told me to contact the police so that is one of my projects today along with redoing my address book.

Hope everyone is staying safe.

07/23/20 01:12 PM #2094    


Jacklyn Hassel (Roper)

Carol Aho Slone is very ill and it is with a heavy heart that I share with you who are not on Facebook that her son, Derrick, posted she is in ICU with cancer in her pancreas, liver, and abdomen and there is evidence that her kidneys may be shutting down. Please keep Carol, her husband, Vern, and son, Derrick in your thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.

Carol gave me permission to share information with the class.

07/23/20 02:53 PM #2095    


Karen Wright (Lancaster)

Definitely my thoughts and prayers are with Carol and family.  Wishing them strength and love thru this ordeal.  heart

07/23/20 04:40 PM #2096    


Jill Irey

Thinking and praying for Carol and her family that they will all have courage and strength.

07/23/20 07:09 PM #2097    


Albert (Chuck) Langlois

Prayers to Carol and her family during this most difficult time.  


07/24/20 07:38 AM #2098    


Susan Krueger (Hagman)

May God be with Carol and her family.

07/24/20 09:40 AM #2099    


Gary Libby

Sorry to hear this, I sure remember Carol as a good friend. From a fellow Harvey/Lakewood buddy, I pray you will get thru this fight with cancer and enjoy many good years to come. I know what it's like to hear the C word, scary, but you are a tough lady. May Jesus and your family hold your hand thru this!

07/24/20 09:50 AM #2100    


Richard Berryman


07/24/20 11:48 AM #2101    


Robert Lambert

  May GOD grant you strength and peace of mind in this trying time. We all know that we will not reach the New Heaven and New Earth without passing through this portal. Thoughts and prayers always.

07/24/20 01:08 PM #2102    


Jacklyn Hassel (Roper)

Carol's son, Derrick just posted that she passed away early this morning. I will try to get some information about a service for her.

07/24/20 05:28 PM #2103    


Gerald (Skip) VanBuren Jr


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